Extract from the Universum Statute

Universum is a Non-Governmental Organisation promoting the culture, history and traditions of peoples, with particular regard to the individual, the territory and environment.

Further prerogatives of the Association, a sodality for the affirmation and sharing of values, are:  respect for human life and the Family, peace between peoples, promotion of human rights, justice and solidarity.

Universum was founded in Bellinzona (Switzerland) in 1990 in accordance with article 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code. It is registered in the City of Lugano Municipal Register as well as that of Canton Ticino. Universum is in the EU Transparency Register since 2013 and is a United Nations registered NGO since 2014.

Universum is a non-profit organisation which solely pursues its institutional aims.

Universum contributes to the affirmation of its institutional aims by organising conferences, conventions, high-end cultural, social, sports, recreational activities and supporting and undertaking humanitarian projects worldwide.

Universum is a sole, indivisible entity. For each nation however it recognizes territorial decentralisation through the foundation of Embassies and, for Italy, Regional Districts.

Universum defines itself a volunteering and solidarity related institution because its attention to people in need is spontaneous and free.

Universum is an ecumenical association, respecting all religions.

Universum is non-political and nonpartisan. It is not affiliated to political parties and organisations.

Universum is an environmentalist association because it is committed to the protection, restoration and valorisation of the balance of nature.

Universum is sponsoring institution of the International University of Peace (IUOP), whose mission it is is to affirm the use of dialogue and diplomatic activities to resolve controversies worldwide. Its activities are essentially cultural and diplomatic, through the organisation of high-end conferences, meetings and conventions.

Universum's patrimony derives from:

  • Spontaneous contributions from its members
  • Public and Private funding.
  • Donations and bequeathals from persons and legal entities
  • Fundraising

Universum membership is open to all who share the values that are laid down in this Statute.

Services rendered by members are intended spontaneous, free of charge and for the benefit of the entire Universum association.

This Statute was read and approved on February 9th, 2014 at Universum's V International Congress and entered immediately into effect.