Universum – IUOP Patronage

Patronage may be of two kinds:

  • Institutional  
    Granted by the Academy through the Advisory Board
  • Personal
    Granted directly by the Federal President

Granting of Patronage implies an authorisation request for the use of Universum - IUOP logos. The Patronage can be accompanied on demand by a Patron’s Award.

+ Universum Branches

All Universum Branches may, with adequate advance notice, directly request Universum - IUOP Patronage for national or international events they are organising that have been expressly authorised by the Presidency.  

+ Other Entities

Patronage of the two sodalities may also be requested by other entities with institutional aims that are compatible with Universum - IUOP.

The following must be specified in the application:

  • type of Patronage
  • eventual request for the Patron’s Award
  • applying Entity’s name
  • President’s name
  • correct address and contact details
  • accurate description of the event
  • place and date of the event
  • other patronages already received for the event

Applications must be sent at least 60 days before the event takes place to the following address:

Universum Academy Switzerland

Ufficio di Presidenza
Casella Postale 416
CH – 6962 Viganello (Svizzera)

The Advisory Board staff and/or the President will confirm or decline the Patronage in writing within 30 days of its reception.

For further information, write to: info@universumacademy.eu