Universum International Literary Award

One of Universum’s most long-running events, created to stimulate discussion and understanding on Peace and non-violence issues. It has been organised for approximately 20 years now.

Writers from all over the world take part and the competition is under the aegis of several National and International Organisations (Unicef, Avis, etc.) The outstanding winners receive prestigious gold plaques.

International Universum Women Award

An over 15-year old project in collaboration with the International University of Peace IUOPattesting our high esteem of Woman.

Reserved for Women of high repute or women who have attained outstanding achievements in various sport, social or humanitarian fields who best represent Universum - IUOP values.

Alexander International Award

Inspired by the deeds of Alexander the Great, the “Alexander” Award is reserved for Personalities of high moral and professional standing who, through their achievements, have distinguished themselves in all walks of civil society and contribute with their skills to the recognition and protection of Human Rights.  

5 Awards only are conferred each year, one of which is for a member of the Armed Forces.

Youth Excellence Awards

The Award, promoted by International Headquarters in collaboration with Universum Marche and Universum Youth Italy, has a permanent seat in Urbino’s Legato Albani Palace.

Reserved for 10 talented young adults aged 18 to 30 who have excelled in any social field.

International Medical and Scientific Research Award

An Award for Personalities of high moral and professional standing operating in Medical, Scientific and Technological Research. 5 Awards are given each year.

The special “San Giuseppe Moscati” Award is conferred to a Doctor who is noted in the profession for his outstanding humanity.  

Minerva International Theatre Award

A new Award reserved for persons who have devoted their lives to the theatre and who best represent Universum - IUOP values.

There are 5 awards: one for an up-and-coming young actor/actress, 3 for nationally or internationally-renown Theatre Actors and Actresses and one Lifetime Achievement Award.

Donum Albani International Award

One of Universum's most recent events commemorating the Albani Family from Urbino, which gave the Roman Catholic Church Pope Clement XI as well as 4 Cardinals.

The award is reserved for persons who dedicate their energies to people in need. The 6 awards are conferred yearly: 3 are for individuals and 3 for Associations. 

Universum Dance Award

A new international event entirely dedicated to the world of Classical Dance. 

A prestigious international Panel of Judges selects 3 winners out of each category. Two special Awards are also conferred: one to a talented young "Dance Promise" and the lifetime achievement Award, "A Life for Dance".