Diplomatic Corps

As Institutional Representatives, all Ambassadors are rightful members of Universum Academy Switzerland’s Diplomatic Corps. The Diplomatic Corps is composed therefore of:

Universum-IUOP Ambassador of Peace

Peace Ambassadors

+ ALL of the Ambassadors

Ambassadorships are reserved for Personalities of undisputed prestige or, persons who have distinguished themselves in a field of human knowledge such as literature, music, science or who best represent Universum Academy Switzerland’s Founding Values. Both sexes are eligible.

Ambassadors are directly appointed by the Universum - IUOP Federal President, to whom they respond in the fulfilment of their duties. Upon their appointment, the Ambassadors acquire rights and duties as established in Universum Academy Switzerland’s International Statute.

During the investiture, each Ambassador receives an honorary Diplomatic Passport and sash which identify his/her office and duties within Universum:

  • State Ambassadors - blue sash
  • Peace Ambassadors - green/white sash
  • Ambassador at Large - yellow sash

Ambassadors have the right to candidate Personalities for all of the Universum and IUOP International Awards and honours.

It is the Ambassador’s duty to:

  • promote the institutional aims and values of Universum Academy Switzerland and the International University of Peace.
  • submit applications for eventual new Academics
  • maintain at all times a demeanour that is fitting to the role of Universum Academy Switzerland Ambassador
  • be a role model in altruism, correctness and morality for his/her fellow Academics and, in general,  for all citizens in every place and circumstance.

As Universum Academy Switzerland’s Institutional Representatives,
any of the Ambassador’s initiatives infer the Federal President's implication, therefore, utmost care and caution is requested.  

Though no binding mandate exists, each Ambassador undertakes, on his/her honour, to work towards Universum's growth and welfare, thereby honouring his/her office with loyalty, sense of responsibility and collaborating actively with the Federal President.

The Ambassador's activity is periodically reviewed by the Federal President who may withdraw the mandate should non-compliance or violation of the latter result.

State Ambassadors

States Ambassadors

+ State Ambassadors (blue sash)

In addition to the above, State Ambassadors officially represent Universum in all the territory of their country of residence. They are the highest Institutional Representatives for that State.  

State Ambassadors have a further right to recommend eventual twinnings with Bodies and Associations operating in their territory whose aims and statutory objectives are comparable with those laid down in the Universum Statute.

State Ambassadors have a further duty of organising at least one event per year with the participation of prestigious personalities of their country. Any other solution is subject to the Federal Presidency’s approval.

Ambassador at Large logo

Ambassadors at Large

+ Ambassadors at Large (yellow sash)

Ambassadors at Large are at the Federal President’s direct command and cover specific pro tempore assignments, representing the Federal President in all their activities.