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Universum Academy Switzerland, founded in 1990 at Bellinzona (Switzerland) in accordance with Swiss Civil Code article 60 et seq., is a Non-Governmental Organisation regulated by Swiss law. Registered in the City of Lugano Municipal Register and in that of Canton Ticino, the organisation is in the EU Transparency Register since 2013 and is a United Nations registered NGO since 2014. Dr. Valerlo Giovanni Ruberto is its founder and current International President.

Its mission is to promote the culture, history and traditions of Peoples and, through its Department of Social Affairs, to enforce application of the UN Conventions on the Rights of Children and Rights of Persons with disabilities. Universum is sponsoring institution of the International University of Peace, engaged itself in the affirmation of Absolute Values such as Life, Family, Human Rights, Peace between Peoples and the law of Nations.

Universum Academy Switzerland organises various international awards: Universum International Literary Award, an annual appointment for authors and poets from all over the world; International Awards Universum Donna, Alexander and Universum Medical and Scientific Research Award reserved for outstanding scientific researchers as well as men and women who have made significant contributions to journalism or, for their exceptional social commitment; Universum Dance Award dedicated to talented ballet and dance professionals; Youth Excellence Awards for young men and women aged from 18 to 30 who have excelled in any social field;  International Prize for Arts for talents of the Fine Arts; the Minerva Award for talented actors and actresses.

Universum Academy has 14 embassies across the world as well as 12 regional branches in Italy.  Every one of these local branches organises important cultural, humanitarian and charitable events in the spirit of the International Head Office. In compliance with the Statute, all of Universum Academy Switzerland’s activities are non profit and exclusively promote its institutional aims. The Statute, which defines Universum an indivisible entity though having territorial decentralisation, applies these same principles to all its branches.

In over 20 years of activity Universum Academy has distinguished itself with book donations to various Libraries and Cultural Centres such as Sarajevo Library, Italian Museum in Basel as well as Homes for the Elderly in Italy and abroad. Since 2008 Universum has undertaken various humanitarian interventions in Georgia, Poland, Albania and Moldavia sending clothes, toys, medicines and basic essentials.   


To apply for membership, fill in the application form to be requested at: info@universumacademy.eu

The 30 euro contribution entitles the applicant to a membership card and Diploma.


“Universum Academy Switzerland’s all-round commitment is in the name of a brotherhood that is common to all mankind”.Dr. Valerio Giovanni Ruberto