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Donations from Italy and abroad

Post Office Account 1019852514
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Universum Academy
Casella Postale 26
22018 Porlezza ( Como )

IBAN: IT-83-F-07601-10900-001019852514

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Both Universum Academy Switzerland and International University of Peace sodalities have a host of sponsorship opportunities and international level events to publicise their sponsors.

One, more or even all the events can be sponsored. Agreements may be annual (renewable yearly) or five-year.
Depending on the extent of the sponsorship, Universum - IUOP undertake to publicise Company logo and address on all event documentation namely: invitations, posters, folders and brochures as well as internet on the institutional website. Furthermore, the sponsor’s information and publicity materials may be distributed during the events.

Subject to agreement, we can also:

  • organise an information evening within an international event;

  • involve other Universum branches scattered across Italy and
    around the world, besides the International Presidency.

This year’s complete events calendar may be requested at:

The Sponsor’s funds are to be paid into Post Office Current Account ​1019852514 held by:

Universum​ ​Academy
​Casella​ ​Postale​ ​26
​22018​ ​Porlezza​ ​–​ ​Como

CODICE​ ​IBAN​:​ ​IT-83-F-07601-10900-001019852514

Thank you in advance to all the companies who are willing to finance our projects with their precious contribution. For further information:

Your Support

Besides sending a spontaneous donation, individuals who share the Association’s Founding Values can support Universum Academy Switzerland and the International University of Peace by becoming members of our two Sodalities and getting involved with our projects.

New members receive a membership card and diploma.
A souvenir, as a token of our gratitude, is available on demand. Membership is renewed annually. New Academics will be referred to their nearest local branch.


Young girls and boys aged 15 to 25 are entitled to Universum Youth membership.  

The reduced application fee is 10 euros.


The application fee for adults over 26 years of age is 30 euros minimum.


Reduction for 2 members of the same family

The total Membership Fee for both is 50 euros.


Membership of the International University of Peace is subject to  assessment of certain prerequisites independently from territorial assignment.

For further information, write to: