International University of Peace
(IUOP Switzerland)

Foreword: University and Peace, two words that together represent Universum’s cultural commitment. Besides its sole proclamation, the University promotes Peace from an academic and scientific point of view in relation to the course of humanity.


Art. 1 The International University of Peace is a non-profit entity governed by Swiss law and was constituted in Lugano on 1st January 2010. The Articles of Association were unanimously approved during Universum Switzerland’s IV International Congress.

Art. 2 The International University of Peace is therefore an integral part of Universum Academy Switzerland, which was founded in Bellinzona on 1st June 1990.


Art. 3 The University’s International seat is in Switzerland, P.O. BOX 416, CH-6962, Viganello.


The International University of Peace’s objectives are:

  • to contribute, through meetings and exchange of ideas, to the Promotion of a culture of Peace and Global Awareness in the spirit of Unesco’s guidelines
  • to implement Human and Peoples’ Rights worldwide
  • to spread principles of Peace and Non-violence
  • to empower diversity
  • to peacefully condemn all kinds of prejudice and discrimination
  • to support environmental researches that seek to improve the quality of life
  • to make in-depth research on North-South and new forms of international cooperation issues


Art. 5 The University’s main activities are: organisation of the Annual Peace Conference and the International “Universum Donna” (Universum Woman) Award. Furthermore it may, as required, organise high-end Conferences, Meetings and Conventions mostly on Non-Violence, Human Rights and Environmental issues.


Art. 6 The International University of Peace’s patrimony is composed of:

  • Members’ spontaneous contributions
  • Public and Private funding
  • donations and legacies by legal or natural persons
  • collections

Art. 7 The Association’s financial year begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st.


Art.8 The Academic Senate is the heart of the University and decides on all its activities. It is made up of at least 10 Members elected by Congress upon Universum President’s proposal. It remains in office for 5 years and may be re-elected.  


Art. 9 The President of the International University of Peace is by right also President of Universum - Switzerland. He may designate a representative, chosen from the Academic Senate, to manage the University.


Art. 10 Permanent Members assist the Academic Senate with all the University’s activities. They are designated by the President and they may vary in number as required.


Art. 11 The Honorary President represents the University’s values and goals. He/she is designated by the Academic Council upon the President’s proposal and his/her appointment is for life.


Art. 12 Persons of any nationality, sex and religion sharing the aims in art.4 may apply for International University of Peace membership.

Art.13 The written application should be addressed to the Academic Senate, who decides on its approval or rejection.


Art. 14 The Membership Card has a one-year validity and is issued against payment of a minimum contribution of 50 euros. It is accompanied by a Diploma and eventual plaque.


Art. 15 The University shall designate Peace Ambassadors in order to make its activities known in all the States and Regions where Universum is present. The Ambassador is designated with a Decree by Universum’s Federal President, to whom he/she directly responds in the fulfilment of his/her duties.    


Art. 16 All services rendered by Members are spontaneous, free of charge and for the Association’s benefit.

Art. 17 The Sodality’s termination shall only be decided by an expressly called extraordinary congress.

Art. 18 The decision shall be taken by the absolute majority of the Members. The patrimony, all liabilities cleared, shall be devolved to another Association with the same aims or to a Charity.

Art. 19 This Statute comprises a Comprehensive Regulation for   interpretation of the various articles.

Art. 20 This Statute may not be fully or partly modified unless decided by an ordinary or extraordinary Congress with the majority of two thirds of the Association’s Members.   

Art. 21 For all that is not provided for in this Statute and Regulation, the  suppletory mandatory rules of the Swiss Civil Code are valid.

Art. 22 This Statute was read and approved on 15.05.2010 during Universum’s IV International Congress and entered immediately into effect.