Success and strong emotions at the Universum Donna Argentina

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Universum Donna Argentina 2018

The Universum Donna Argentina Award Ceremony organised by Ambassador Silvia Beatriz Cecchi was held on March 23rd last in the headquarters of the Federazione delle Società Italiane in Mar Del Plata, Argentina. This recognition of merit is dedicated exclusively to Argentinian Women who best represent the values of Peace through their selfless and altruistic commitment in educational, arts and social spheres. Musical entertainment was provided for the occasion by Unione Regionale Marchigiana’s Celeste Grassi Choir.  

The event was enthusiastically received by the press and strongly supported. Among the many Institutions and Bodies in fact was the Italian Consulate of Mar Del Plata who declared Universum Donna Argentina an “event of cultural interest”. The event was also supported by: Cultural Department and Municipality of Mar del Plata, Società Dante Alighieri, Federazione delle Società Italiane, Rete Culturale Femminile, Casa d’Italia, Unione Regionale Marchigiana, Centro Pugliese of Mar Del Plata and the Buenos Aires and Latin America Writers Circle.

The prestigious international Award was conferred to five Women:

  • Monica AramendiCultural Ambassador in the city of Miramar, lawyer and author. Many projects of social significance in Argentina have been organised by her.
  • Daniela Karina Tomé: singer-songwriter, poet and artist who is often involved in charities supporting prisons and children in need.
  • Sonia Colombo: professional photojournalist and communications expert, organiser of humanitarian events and donations in favour of children in need.
  • Cristina Larice: teacher and professional photojournalist. Her travels around Latin America aim at the promotion of Peace through cultural twinnings.
  • Vera Dormi Feduzzi: a university nurse of italian origin who has distinguished herself for the altruism shown in her work and for keeping Italian culture alive.

Congratulations to Universum Argentina Ambassador Silvia Beatriz Cecchi and to the splendid winners of the Universum Donna Argentina Award. May each of them in the future achieve even greater goals in their respective social and humanitarian commitment fields.

Press reviews 

  • La Capital, local newspaper (Mar del Plata, Argentina)
  • Il Tempo d’Oggi, Italian Community in Argentina magazine