Universum Youth Italy’s National Council

Communications Dpt. Academy

Following Ms Lucia Pesce’s nomination for National President of Universum Youth Italy on January 22nd last, Federal President Valerio Giovanni Ruberto has nominated the other members of the National Council which will be made up as follows:

Lucia Pesce – National President
Gian Marco Pesce – Universum Lombardy
Simone Manfrini – Universum Marches
Renato Di Maio – Universum Abruzzo
Roberta DI Laura – Universum Apulia
Francesco Spagnolo – Universum Umbria
Tudor Padurean – Universum Emilia Romagna

The following are members by right of the National Council:
Giandomenico Di Salvatore representing the Head Office
Rosanna Rivas – Ambassador to the Republic of Italy
Francesco Amati – Universum Switzerland’s Commercial Director 

The appointments will be formalised during the Federal Council Meeting in Montesilvano (Pescara) on March 10th and 11th next. The date of the Council’s first official reunion and activities to be organised in 2018/2019 will be discussed in the Federal President’s presence during the FCM. Universum Youth Italy will have its own flag, logo, Facebook page and e-mail to write to for information requests.


Our warmest congratulations to the Universum Youth Italy National Council Members and best wishes to them all for every success.