2018 Donation

Communications Dpt. Academy

Universum Academy Switzerland for 2018 too will be making a totally free donation of books that have been received by us. The volumes will be donated exclusively to Non-Profit Associations, Cultural Centres, Social Clubs as well as Correctional Facilities in Italy.

200 books (poetry, fiction, essays and novels) by contemporary authors will be donated to 3 different Institutions or Associations who apply for them, for 600 books in total. Requests are to be sent to:

Universum Academy Switzerland
Ufficio di Presidenza
Casella Postale 416
CH – 6962 Lugano – Viganello ( Svizzera )

attaching the following:

– Copy of the Institution’s Statute
– Institution’s complete address
– President’s name and address
– Brief summary of the institution’s activities

A written request only from the Prison Governor is sufficient for Correctional Facilities, who may apply for a greater quantity of books (300/500). The books will be delivered by Universum Academy free of charge and formally donated to the Institution.

For further information phone 0041. during office hours or write to: presidenza@universumacademy.eu